Project Accounting for Construction Companies

As an extension of our baseline CFO services, our project accounting solutions help you get a clear view of project-specific costs and their financial benefits while monitoring your profit margins.

Project Accounting Solutions within our CFO Services

Initial Project Budget

We input the initial project budget into your accounting system, helping your project team accurately determine the funds they need to accomplish each task.

Report Preparation for Billing

Project-based accounting generates bills in different formats. We’ll minimize questions about these invoices and improve cash flow by preparing the correct reports for billing.

Lien Waivers and Insurance Certificate Tracking

We’ll make requesting, tracking, and collecting insurance certificates and lien waivers for your construction projects an easy and organized process.

Project Cost Review

We track expenditure costs for services, equipment, labor, and construction for a project, so you get a detailed view of project financials and progress.

WIP Report Preparation

We work with project managers to accurately prepare work-in-progress (WIP) reports that detail whether a project is on budget, over-billed, or under-billed compared to the timeline.

Outsource your CFO services and stay on top of every project

At New Lyfe Accounting, we have years of experience providing high-quality accounting services including project accounting for construction industry clients like you. Using financial strategies unique to your goals, we’ll help you gain insight into the performance of each project, reduce risks, and improve resource management. 

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