Bookkeeping for Construction Companies

As an extension of our baseline CFO services, our bookkeeping solutions help your business get the financial management support it needs to cover all your in-house bookkeeping requirements. With a dedicated team working on your company’s books, you can focus on new business acquisition and innovation.

Bookkeeping solutions within our CFO services

Accounts Payable

We’ll create better value for your business by optimizing your accounts payable process.

Accounts Receivable

We’ll keep track of your accounts receivables so we can get a complete look into your company’s liquid assets and determine your overall working capital.


From tracking customer invoices to requesting settlements, our experienced bookkeepers will oversee your billing process.

Monthly Journal Entries

We’ll create accounting journal entries that detail your accounting transactions and ensure each one is appropriately documented.

Sales and Use Tax Filings

We’ll prepare all the necessary documents so you’re on time with your sales and use tax filing.

Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation

We’ll ensure transactions in your company’s credit card statement match the transactions recorded in your general ledger.

Expense Management

Following your organization’s expense policies, we’ll introduce a more organized method of processing expense reports and approvals.

Fixed Assets Depreciation

We’ll calculate the depreciation of your construction company’s fixed assets, including buildings, and construction equipment, to match the revenue these assets generate.

Outsource your CFO services and clean up those books

At New Lyfe Accounting, we have years of experience providing high-quality accounting services including bookkeeping for construction industry clients like you. We’ll help you identify the specific challenges that your organization faces and discover the financial management strategies to help you address them.

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