Let’s Get Surety: Episode #103 – Accounting Needs for Small Contractors

NLA Founder and CEO Jessica Krause sat down with NASBP’s Let’s Get Surety podcast to discuss the crossover between construction accounting and surety. 

Construction is a dynamic field with unique requirements for job costing, budgeting, cash management, and more.

If you’re a construction professional, this episode will help you understand the importance of working with an industry-specific firm.

Plus, if you’re considering outsourced accounting services, Jessica provides a list of questions to ask potential partners so you find the right fit for your organization. 

And if you’re a surety professional, this episode shows the benefit of having clients come to you with accurate financials. Beyond surety, it will help you understand clients from a financial health standpoint so you can provide a more thorough service.

Image credit: Let’s Get Surety

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