Be Your Own CFO – Your Frequently Asked Questions (Answered).

From how the courses are structured to your investment and potential time commitment, this post answers your most common questions about our Be Your Own CFO course offerings. Let’s dive in!  

Who are the Be Your Own CFO courses made for? 

Our three Be Your Own CFO course offerings were made with ambitious contractors in mind – from residential home builders to commercial general contractors (and everyone in between). 

At your current stage of growth, hiring a CFO to manage the ins and outs of your company’s accounting functions may not be an appropriate investment.

If you’re new to the industry or aren’t ready to sign on with a CFO, our courses provide the construction accounting expertise you need to fill in the gaps – regardless of your size or years of experience. 

What’s the difference between each course offering?

Each bundle includes modules from our largest Complete Masterclass plus bonuses. 

The Starter Bundle focuses on WIP Reports to help you track jobs, manage cash flow, and forecast your financial future. This bundle includes one bonus lesson: Equipment & Small Tools. 

The Core Bundle includes everything in the Starter Bundle plus two additional modules covering your Chart of Accounts and Job Costing. This bundle includes two bonus lessons: Equipment & Small Tools and Payroll & Union Reporting. 

The Complete Masterclass includes everything from the previous bundles plus five additional modules covering Accounts Receivable and Accounts payable, Balance Sheet Reconciliations, Cash Management, and more. This bundle includes four bonus lessons: Equipment & Small Tools, Payroll & Union Reporting, Communication, and Leadership. 

Each course offering includes video lessons, Excel templates, and downloadable resources. 

For a detailed breakdown of what’s included in each bundle, click here

How are the courses structured? 

Our Be Your Own CFO courses are hosted on the Kajabi course platform.

They are self-paced and video-based, with two lessons in each module that build on each other and unlock as you progress through the content.

Once you complete the core content, you will unlock access to the bonus materials. 

How long does each course take?

Though the courses are self-paced, the time commitment for each module includes watching the video lessons and doing supplementary assignments.

Here’s an estimate of the time commitment for each bundle:

  • Starter Bundle: 1 module, 1 bonus lesson = 4.5 hours
  • Core Bundle: 3 modules, 2 bonus lessons = 7 hours 
  • Complete Masterclass: 8 modules, 4 bonus lessons = 40 hours

What is the investment? 

Starter Bundle: $750

Core Bundle: $2500

Complete Masterclass: $3,000* (Price includes the $2000 rebate)

*The $2000 rebate opportunity is exclusive to the Complete Masterclass package and only available for a limited time. To be eligible for the rebate, you must complete the entire course within three months of purchasing and submit a feedback survey. 

Who is teaching the course content?

Jessica Krause, founder and CEO of New Lyfe Accounting (NLA), has extensive CFO experience with over BLANK years working at the intersection of accounting and construction. 

As your Be Your Own CFO teacher, Jessica uses video to make construction accounting expertise more accessible while sharing the same strategies used for NLA’s leading construction clients. 

What if I AM ready to work with a CFO?

If you’re ready to bring a CFO on board, we’ve got you covered.

At New Lyfe Accounting, we’re more than just your accountant. We operate as an extension of your organization, strengthening your construction business through a high-level financial partnership. Consider our team as your financial support system.

Learn more about our CFO services by scheduling a free strategy session today

If I’m not ready to purchase today, how can I stay in the loop with Be Your Own CFO?

To stay in the loop with Be Your Own CFO, join our waitlist

Does NLA offer other free resources to help me build my financial toolbox? 

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